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Professional ROBLOX Programmer
4 Years of Experience
GAMEFAM Programmer II

War Tycoon

Senior Developer

400M+ Visits

Subway Simulator

Temporary Developer

7.5M+ Visits

About Me

Video games have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I programmed my first very simple game in the 5th grade using the Scratch platform.I fell in love with the idea of being able to shape my own world and sharing it with others. This was especially beneficial for me because I no longer had to worry about being bad at video games, I could just make a game I was instinctively good at.Being a long time player of Roblox I decided to explore its development community, I found myself inspired and invested hours into learning the Lua coding language. I started taking commissions after about 1 year of developing on the platform, and after a full year of continuous commissions I was recruited to work alongside the talented War Tycoon team as a Gamefam employee.Since then I have been passionately working on War Tycoon with the expanding team, the game has risen to be top 5 Roblox tycoons, averaging 10k+ Active Players.